Sponsors 2019

We are proud to have the following companies as our event sponsors – they have provided so much for us, and in turn please visit and learn more about them.  If you wish to donate prizes, monetary compensation or resources – please email TXIAF@comcast.net to discuss.

Central Texas Archery

Located in Manor Texas, just outside Austin – It is our mission to educate youth and adults in the sport of archery, to foster national and international amateur archery competition and support and develop amateur athletes for national or international archery competition. We also strive to create a safe and fun place to promote archery in the community.

Our vision is to develop an archery program in this region of the US for competitive and recreational archers with assistance from grants and donors with an indoor and outdoor facility that can host archery tournaments.

Instagram: @centraltexasarchery

Twitter: @archery_texas

Facebook: @CenTexArchery

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Sherwood Forest Faire

One of Central Texas’s best Medieval Faires – our proud sponsor and location host for this years Texas International Archery Festival.  With over 170 vendors and 150 live shows, Sherwood Forest Faire is a premier destination 45 minutes south of Austin, Texas.


Mike Loades

Author, historian, and modern warrior.  Mike is an experienced writer, both for print and the screen. He has five books published, Swords and Swordsmen, War Bows, The Longbow, The Crossbow and The Composite Bow. He has scripted documentaries for television broadcast, as well as writing for DVD releases, for short-form internet films and for the video games industry. He has also written a number of articles for journals and magazines.

Mike wrote the script for Going Medieval – a two-hour special for H2 channel, which he also presented.

He writes his own material, including devising action sequences, for all his television appearances. He also wrote the scripts for the DVDs Blow By Blow To Swordfighting (96 mins) and Archery – Its History and Forms (72 mins) and frequently collaborates on scripts whether as director, presenter or historical advisor.


Grozer Bows


The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather



World Horseback Archery Federation



The Desert Warriors of the Southwest



Hill Country Horse Archery